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Pulls and plates; guides and guards; hooks and hinges; escutcheons, astragals, strikes, and signs; levers, latches, catches and locks. Coat Hooks, Filler Plates, Floor Stops, Holders, FlushBolts, handrods & brackets, knobs, Lavatory hardware, Lock guard, Roller Catcher, Surface Bolts, Window Hardware, Push Pulls, Armor Plates (ULC Listed)Push Pulls, Door Push/Kick Plates, Door edges, Escutcheon Plates, Frame Guards, Jambs Edges, Corner Guards, Buggy bumpers, Guard Rails, Continuos Hinges,Prison hardware

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Standard Metal

Flatware: Flatware, Door Pushes, Pulls,Guards and Push Bars, Commercial door and designers Pulls, Flush Bolts, Roller Latches, Grab Bars, Hand rail brackets, Surface Bolts, Cylinder and Flush Pulls, Ring & Institutional Pulls, Pull Plates, Kick and Push Plates, Escutcheons, Corner Guards, U-Channels, Edge Guards, Astragals, Angle Plates, Cabinet Pulls and Knobs, Coat Hooks, Closet Rods and Flanges, Floor and Wall Stops, Strikes and Filler Plates.

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