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Ball and Heavy Duty Catches,spring hinges, butt hinges, assorted, continuous hinges, accessories. Fixed Sized Closers, Power adjustable closers, Concealed Closers, Cylindrical Knobsets, Cylindrical Leversets, Deadbolts, Mortise, Digital Door Locks, Dorex, Crossbar type exit devices, Touch Pad type exit devices, Door stops and Holders, Pull Handles and Plates, Door Accessories, Trimmers, Hasps & Bolts, Lavatory Hardware, Cabinet Hardware,

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Gallery Specialty

Pulls and plates; guides and guards; hooks and hinges; escutcheons, astragals, strikes, and signs; levers, latches, catches and locks. Coat Hooks, Filler Plates, Floor Stops, Holders, FlushBolts, handrods & brackets, knobs, Lavatory hardware, Lock guard, Roller Catcher, Surface Bolts, Window Hardware, Push Pulls, Armor Plates (ULC Listed)Push Pulls, Door Push/Kick Plates, Door edges, Escutcheon Plates, Frame Guards, Jambs Edges, Corner Guards, Buggy bumpers, Guard Rails, Continuos Hinges,Prison hardware

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Standard Metal

Flatware: Flatware, Door Pushes, Pulls,Guards and Push Bars, Commercial door and designers Pulls, Flush Bolts, Roller Latches, Grab Bars, Hand rail brackets, Surface Bolts, Cylinder and Flush Pulls, Ring & Institutional Pulls, Pull Plates, Kick and Push Plates, Escutcheons, Corner Guards, U-Channels, Edge Guards, Astragals, Angle Plates, Cabinet Pulls and Knobs, Coat Hooks, Closet Rods and Flanges, Floor and Wall Stops, Strikes and Filler Plates.

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